1.††††††††† All members of the Club shall comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations, including all pertinent state, airport, and Club rules while operating Club aircraft.



2.††††††††† A violation of any of the Clubís rules by a member renders him liable to either a temporary flight suspension of not more than Thirty (30) days or a monetary fine not to exceed One Hundred ($100) dollars, or both.Repeated violations shall result in a recommendation by the Board of Directors that the member be expelled from the Club; such recommendation to be voted on by the membership.A majority vote shall be necessary for expulsion.



3.††††††††† All members must be checked out and approved for solo by a flight instructor designated by the Board of Directors before soloing any Club aircraft.



4.††††††††† A member must perform a thorough preflight inspection of the aircraft, including a visual inspection of the fuel quantity, prior to commencing flight.Any damages or discrepancies should be reported immediately to the maintenance officer and recorded on the squawk sheet.If a condition is discovered which may affect the airworthiness of the aircraft, the aircraft shall not be flown until cleared by the maintenance officer.



5.††††††††† Each member must ascertain that the airworthiness and registration certificates, appropriate operating limitations information, and operatorís manual are in the aircraft prior to commencing flight.



6.††††††††† All aircraft operating limitations must be observed.Aerobatic maneuvers are prohibited except those that are permissible under the operating limitations when the aircraft is operated in the utility category.



7.††††††††† Flight plans are encouraged to be filed with the FAA for flights over sparsely populated, mountainous, wooded or desert terrain areas, or for extended over water flight, and are mandatory for all student solo cross-country flights in excess of Fifty (50) nautical miles.



8.††††††††† Club aircraft shall be operated only from FAA or State approved commercial or public use airports including RLAs.It is the pilotís responsibility to get permission and check the condition of any private airport prior to landing there. Landing off airport anywhere is prohibited, except in the case of an emergency.


9.††††††† Upon completion of a flight, a pilot must tidy up the aircraft. Wastepaper and extra charts should be removed.The aircraft is to be secured with seatbelts straightened, gust lock and tie downs fastened as appropriate, and doors locked. Aircraft should be cleaned of bugs and dirt after every flight. Cleaning should include the leading edges of the wings and stabilizers, the cowling, windshield, etc.



10. †††††† There will be NO SMOKING OR VAPING in any Club aircraft or hangar or within Fifty (50) feet of any Club hangar.



11.††††††† All tanks will be topped at the end of every flight unless the next member scheduled to fly is on hand and there is sufficient fuel for the intended flight.In NO case will the tanks be left less than half full except when FBO is closed.Then notify the FBO.



12. †††††† Members are required to be current with IAW and all FARs.



13.††††††† No member, except the Maintenance Officer or someone designated by him, may perform any maintenance on Club aircraft, other than pre-flight inspection, servicing engine oil, or servicing tires. If you are unsure of the proper grade of oil, or proper tire pressures, do not perform these services. Contact the Maintenance Officer or the FBO.



14.††††††† Club aircraft may not be used to give flight instruction to anyone except Club members. No one except Club Members may fly Club aircraft and then with no commercial use allowed. Only Flight Instructors who are members of the Club or approved by the board, may give flight instruction (including BFRs) in Club aircraft.



15.††††††† If a member takes an aircraft for all day or overnight, there will be a two hour minimum charge. For multiple days, there will be a two hour minimum charge for each day the aircraft is away from Illinois Valley Airport. If you have a doubt about your flight and the minimum charge requirement, check with a board member.



16.††††††† If more than 15 minutes late for a reservation, then reservation shall be invalid.



17.††††††† The online program Flight Schedule Pro will be used for flight reservations.Be courteous and cancel if you are not going to make your commitment.



18.††††††† It will be the pilotís responsibility to log each flight in the book provided for this purpose in the aircraft.



19.††††††† Envelopes will be provided for entry of each transaction.They will match the planeís logbook entry.Pilots will then calculate what is owed and seal the payment inside the envelope.It will be the pilotís responsibility to make the payments to the club and not carry any transactions over from one month into the next month.Envelopes may be deposited in the mailbox in hangar #1 or in the airport office.Make checks payable to:

IVFC or Illinois Valley Flying Club

4241 Ed Urban Drive

Peru, IL 61354

(815) 223-8441

Payment may also be directed to the Club Treasurer. No Credit Cards Accepted. You may also use your Paypal account to pay for flights.†† illinoisvalleyflyingclub@yahoo.com



20.††††††† If, in the event an accident, incident, or any such damage to an aircraft owned by the Illinois Valley Flying Club, Inc., has been attributed to a member while as a student member, equity member, or charter member, and acting as Pilot in Command of said aircraft in which the accident, incident, or damage has been inflicted, and it has been determined to be the result of Pilot error, he/she will agree to pay or reimburse the Illinois Valley Flying Club, Inc., any deductible amount listed on the existing insurance carried by the Illinois Valley Flying Club, Inc.



21.††††††† Anyone wanting to run for office must place his/her name in nomination by January 15 to be eligible to run for an office at the annual meeting.



22.††††††† Members who are in arrears will be assessed 10% per month.



23.††††††† Each active member is to purchase or sell the required number of raffle and breakfast tickets for the Fly-In Breakfast. Payment for the tickets as well as the return of the raffle ticket stubs must be received prior to the 12 pm drawing on the day of the Fly-In Breakfast.



24.††††††† Each member is to work at the Fly-in breakfast a minimum of 5 hours.Working less than 5 hours will be at the discretion of the Vice-president.A fine of $200 shall be assessed for not working. To avoid the fine, you may have a substitute work your hours.



25.††††††† Cars are not to be parked in hangars.



26†††††††† Members are to pay dues on an annual basis.Dues are Four Hundred Twenty ($420) dollars.Where hardships occur, arrangements with the Treasurer should be made.





27.††††††† Currency requirements as required by our Insurance and the Board of Directors:


††††††††††††† A.††††††††† Skyhawk and Archer

       Pilot maintains a private or more advanced pilot certificate and has demonstrated to the named insurerís appropriately certified flight instructor, the piloting skill required for the aircraft flown.

       Completed a checkout in each make and model of aircraft by a Club instructor.

       Must meet currency requirements of the FAA regulations.

       Pilot maintains a student pilot certificate while under the direct supervision of an appropriately certified flight instructor for all dual flight instruction and prior to solo flight has received the instructorís appropriate written endorsement(s) of the studentís certificate and logbook for solo flight in an aircraft of the same make and model being flown.

       If you have not flown within One Hundred (120) days, you must fly with an instructor to get signed off for the aircraft.


B.††††††††† Arrow or other complex aircraft (retractable gear, constant speed prop and/or cowl flaps)

       Pilot maintains a private or more advanced pilot certificate and has demonstrated to the insuredís appropriately certified flight instructor the piloting skill required for the aircraft being flown and who has logged a minimum total time of 100 hours including either Twenty-Five (25) hours in single engine aircraft with retractable landing gear and Five (5) hours in the make and model; or in lieu of type time and make and model time, Ten (10) hours of dual flight instruction in aircraft of the same make and model being flown including at least Fifteen (15) takeoffs and landings while accompanied by an appropriately certified flight instructor.

       If you have not flown a retractable gear aircraft in the previous Ninety (90) days, you must fly with an instructor to get signed off for the aircraft.